Hello, I’m Charles

Well, it's been quite a ride...

... and definitely not your typical career path. You see, it all started when I made a pretty drastic shift from car sales. Here’s a little snapshot of my journey from there to here.

The Big Switch

You know, leaving those car showrooms was a huge deal for me.

I ended up jumping right into the deep end with affiliate marketing, HTML, PHP, and this new thing at the time called Google AdWords. It was intense for me --totally new, daunting and a bit scary, honestly.

The whole shift was a massive challenge, both mentally and emotionally. But now, looking back over these past twenty-plus years (affiliate marketing, in house marketer/customer service, consulting, agency), I’ve found this sweet spot where I blend data and storytelling in marketing. It's was not an easy ride, but oh, so worth it.


So, in marketing, you've usually got these two camps, right?

One's all about the numbers and data, and the other's really into creative storytelling (brand vs performance marketing). Each side has its own strengths, but for a long time, they didn’t really mix much.

My two decades in the field taught me that the real power of marketing comes from combining these two. I'm super passionate about bringing together the solid, data-driven side with the more artistic, narrative aspect.

Data’s the backbone of how I approach things – it gives us the real, tangible stuff we need to understand our audience and make smart choices.

But then, there's storytelling. This is where we bring those strategies to life, create stories that resonate with people, stir up emotions, and make everything we say stick in their minds.

I like to think of it as weaving these different threads together to make marketing that's not just effective and focused. True marketing connect with people obviously on a functional level but also on a deep emotional and social level.

What I Stand For

Values for me aren’t just some corporate buzzwords; they're like the OS for how I operate. I go deeper into it in my manifesto.

But, here’s what drives me personally:

  • Always Learning: This isn't about just adding skills or knowledge. It’s about growing as a person, staying curious, always asking "why."
  • Pushing Boundaries: Innovation to me is about shaking things up, not just making small changes. It’s about having the guts to question the way things are done and try new things.
  • Working Smart: It's all about being efficient, figuring out how to get the best results without burning out. Smart work over hard work, you know?

Wanna Chat?

If anything I've said about my take on marketing resonates with you or sparks your interest, I'd love to hear from you.

Let's get in touch – share thoughts, insights, maybe even come up with some cool ideas together.

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